Package Materials

Package Materials
Whole Packaging , All-Directions Service
Stretch Film

All types of elastic membrane. Excellent elasticity, anti-pu ncture, great restriction, applicable in goods storage, packaging and transport.

Complex Bags
All types of paper or membrane bags, color-printing membrane rolls, vacuum packaging bags, zip-lock bags, candy bags. Applicable in various food, electronic and clothing industries.

Plates Trays
plates trays made with PVC, PET, PS and PP. Applicable to packaging in electronics, hardware, food and toys.

KNY Bags
KNY bags have nice softness, anti-puncture and can increase shelf-life of food packages. They work better in combination with oxygen absorbent.

Excellent oxygen-proof ability
Keep flavor and safety
Anti puncture
High intensity
Excellent vapor-proof ability
Good printing quality
Resistant to low temperature
Good sticky ability

·Technical Index

Performance Uint Value
Tensite strength MD MPa 100
TD MPa 200
Elongation at breaking MD % 100
TD % 50
Haze % 4
Surface tension dyne 39
Writer vapour permeability g/m2*24hrs 15
Oxygen permeability g/m2*24hrs*atm 10