Dispenser Machine

1.      High automatic: flexible speed adjust systerm. Maximum speed can reach 150pcs/min;
2.      Complete automatic test systerm: detecting empty bag and giving alarm;                                             
3.      Safe for food: no direct contact by hand and meet the demand of food hygiene;
4.      Convenient: human-computer interface and touch screen operation;
5.      Different induction signal: by infrared rays or color code;
6.      Multi-function: record current and general production capacity;
7.      Easy to dismantle and fix up.

Operation and store Environment:
1.      Surrounding environment between -5C—40C;
2.      Relative humidity less than 85%;
3.      No electricity conductive dust and corrosive gas available;
4.      Store the machine in a shady and cool place;
5.      Keep away from intense working machine when using it.

Technical parameter:
Spec: MT-801
Dispensing Speed (pc/min): 0-150
Dispensing length (mm): 20-200
Dispensing width (mm): 20-80
Dispensing thickness (mm): <15
Inside roll diameter (mm): >20
Power: 220V, single phase, 50Hz, 0.2KW
Weight of machine (kg): 50
Size of machine (L*W*Hmm): 800*700*1900